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About Concrete Vibrators in Kenya

With over 80% of the construction in the country concrete based, we saw a need to provide construction companies and repairmen with quality concrete vibrators for compacting concrete. Since inception, our company has continued to increase inventory of the quality brands that we keep in stock.Our aim is to be the top supplier of concrete equipment and especially poker concrete vibrators in this country and the entire region. We are therefore always looking for first class technology and advanced equipment that will serve the needs of our diverse client base.

AICO Poker Vibrator {with Chinese 45mm Shaft} - Ksh 30,000

AICO Electric Poker Vibrator {with Chinese 45mm Shaft} - Ksh 35,000

Honda GP160 Poker Vibrator {with ENAR Spanish 45mm Shaft)- Ksh 65,000

Honda GX200 Poker Vibrator {with ENAR Spanish 45mm Shaft)- Ksh 69,000

Spartan Poker Vibrator {with Malaysian 45mm Shaft)- Ksh 42,000

Senci Poker Vibrator {with Korean 45mm Shaft)- Ksh 45,000

Other Construction Equipments we stock

Menegotti Brazil 400L Concrete Mixer- Ksh 235,000

Titan Indian 500L Concrete Mixer - Ksh 345,000

Locally Fabricated Scaffolding Set (2 metres high) Steel- Ksh 12,000/set

Imported Scaffolding Set (2 metres high) Galvanized Steel- Ksh 14,000/set

Construction Safety net (3 meters x 50 meters) - Ksh 9,000

Hessian cloth (1 meters x 457 meters) - Ksh 48,000

Iori Italy 0.5 Tonne Concrete Hoist (Powered by Honda GX270 Engine) - Ksh 498,000

Iori Italy 1 Tonne Concrete Hoist (Powered by Honda GX270 Engine) - Ksh 545,000

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Choosing The Best

Concrete Vibrators Prices in Kenya

Before concrete settles at a construction site, it should be free of any bubbles for it to become strong and last for long. This is where a concrete vibrator machine comes in handy. If you are a small construction business or a handy repair man, owning a concrete vibrator makes a good investment for your business. But what is the concrete vibrators price in Kenya? And, how do you choose a concrete vibrator that is right for your needs?

One of the factors that will affect the concrete vibrators price in Kenya, is the type of vibrator you choose to go with. Concrete vibrators are available in the following major types;

Internal vibrators

Also called poker vibrators these vibrators are the most commonly used. They are easy to operate and an internal vibrator can be handled by a single user. The poker vibration machine price in Kenya, varies from one model to the next. If you choose to go with a reliable brand, expect to pay a little bit more but also expect to get value for your money.

Formwork vibrators

These are also called external vibrators. Usually, these vibrators are used where internal vibrators cannot be used because they waste a lot of energy in the process of using them. They are used for congested sections where use of a poker vibrator is impossible, on arches and tunnel linings.

Surface vibrators

Surface vibrators are ideal for compacting concrete on large sections such as pavements or slabs. They are ideal for use where the depth of the concrete is less than 20cm. For a depth more than this, they might not be suitable for use since they vibrate the concrete on the surface. They are also more commonly used together with poker vibrators.

Vibrating tables

These are restricted for use in factories where precast concrete items are made. The concrete is placed inside the moulds which are in turn secured firmly on the vibrating table. The table has springs and is moved by motors back and forth to compact the concrete inside the moulds.

Another important factor that affects the concrete vibrators price in Kenya is the brand you choose to buy from. Of course, just like with many other construction materials, not all concrete vibrators are made equal. Some brands are known to have quality engines that will give you reliable performance as you work with the concrete vibrator.

Honda is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to poker concrete vibrators in the country. So what is the Honda concrete vibrator price in Kenya? Well the price you will pay for a Honda vibrator will depend on the following features;

Vibration speed - this is a good indicator of the performance of the engine of the concrete vibrator. A good engine is one that delivers at least 13,000 vibrations per minute. Better models are able to achieve a higher performance than this.

Power source - concrete vibrators get their power from different sources. There are those that are fuel powered, electric powered and some even operate on batteries. The choice here really boils down to your preference but fuel powered concrete vibrators win. They are able to achieve better performance and can be used in remote construction sites without electricity on site.

Power rating - the power rating is an indication of how much power you expect the concrete vibrator to produce. It is usually given in HP and the higher the figure the more the power you are getting. For professional construction companies that work on huge projects, we recommend going for a high horsepower rating. For instance, a 3 HP concrete vibrator will be able to vibrate more of the concrete quicker than a 1 HP vibrator would do.

Get a quality concrete vibrator from your ideal supplier

As indicated, purchasing a concrete vibrator is an important decision to make for your company. You should therefore ensure that you work with a supplier that is able to deliver to you the best quality concrete vibrators. That is exactly what you get from us. We are a prominent supplier and specialist in the sale of concrete vibrators in Kenya.

We only have in stock quality brands like Honda and others that are good quality. As such we take away the worry of the concrete vibrators price in Kenya and give you the assurance of value for your money. With our service you can be sure that you are getting nothing but the very best.

Please browse our large assortment of concrete vibrators. We have something for any need and budget. Enjoy the best concrete vibrating poker price in Kenya right here.